Before co-founding the Oxford Global Seminars with Dr. Julia Amos of Oxford's War and Peace Research Network, Dr. Lyn Boyd-Judson served from 2015 - 2018 as executive director of the Oxford Consortium for Human Rights, a partnership of American universities teaching annual seminars in Oxford in collaboration with the Oxford Institute for Law, Ethics, and Armed Conflict.  Our new Oxford Global Seminars grew as a natural next step from these private seminars. We owe a debt of gratitude to our wonderful colleagues with the Oxford Consortium, in particular to Dr. Cheyney Ryan and Dr. Hugo Slim. Check out the significant work of the Oxford Consortium at

Our new Oxford Global Seminars are open to students and practitioners from around the world. Our mission is to educate, deliberate thoughtfully and critically, and build community around our experiencesboth academic and livedof war and peace, diplomacy, and human rights work.

"I was part of the cohort who traveled to Oxford, Belfast and Cordoba in the summer of 2016 with Prof LBJ. This trip was very important for my academic development because it combined theoretical instruction with robust experiential learning; until this point, most classes I had taken were focused only on classroom instruction. Whether it was IRA members in Belfast or Muslim activists in Cordoba, this seminar helped me gain a nuanced insight into complex socio-political matters through interactions with actors who have been directly involved with these issues for decades. To top it all off, the group of students accompanying me was absolutely fantastic! They made a knowledgeable experience fun as well!"


Mazen L., University of Southern California '18, current philosophy MA student, University of Oxford

"Every day at the Oxford seminar, I was inspired by prominent thinkers and leaders in the fields of human rights, law, religious studies, and peace and conflict studies. The workshop not only provided me with insights into complex nature of religious conflict, but it also allowed me to develop valuable connections that helped chart my professional path. I've maintained these connections to this day." 


Gita H., Scripps College '18, current law student, University of Miami